Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation

What we offer:

  • Capacity and time of use assessment
  • Product selection based on users need and budget
  • Financial viability and payback calculations
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Servicing including thermal imaging of PV panels

More about PV:

People talk of FREE energy or electricity generated from the sun but we all know that you get little for nothing. That said once the initial capital cost of the solar panels, inverters and other installation items have been offset by the electricity generated, the ongoing costs are minimal for the life of the system, thus providing 'free electricity'. Quality solar photo-voltaic panels will produce electricity upwards of 80% of their original rated output for 25 years. Actual panel life will vary beyond that depending on the installation, panel quality, orientation and panel average life temperature. At today's panel price and average electricity costs you would expect an average system to offer a payback of between 4 and 6 years.

While New Zealand has no formal 'feed in tariff' arrangements each electricity retailer offers something of a carrot to install solar PV. These tariffs or incentives are small and the real benefit of installing any solar installation right now is to consider the time of use of your electricity and then size your system to match roughly the electrical load that you have during daylight hours. This way you do not need to worry so much about feed in tariffs but simply 'is the sun shining'. For domestic installations this can be done by time switch control of major electricity consumption appliances such as hot water cylinders, chest freezers, etc. For commercial installations it is normally simpler to use all of the electricity you can produce during normal working hours and this is even better if the business operates 7 days a week.  More recently Lithium Ion Battery technology and pricing has improved to the point where on site storage batteries are becoming more feasible. 

New Zealand as an island nation has generally very clear skies and good sunlight hours so solar PV is good option for renewable electricity generation, and is a great companion to our hydro generation resources which act as natural 'batteries' when there is no sun for all grid tied installations.

At Electrical and Automation Services we will discuss with you your requirements and expectations regarding solar PV generation and how it can best be applied to your installation, so that you gain the best possible benefits of such a system in relation to your real time electricity usage.