Andrew Easton, Director of Electrical and Automation Services

Andrew Easton, Director

Electrical and Automation Services Limited has recently been established to provide electrical services for mechanical (hvac) and commercial projects. We strive to build energy efficiency into all projects including PV, energy management, LED lighting and smart building controls.

The majority of our work is installation of commercial electrical systems. We offer design build solutions and BMS and PLC integration as well and energy audits and a thermal imaging service. We also provide specialist lighting design utilising the latest fittings and controls including LED and DALI options offering daylight harvesting and time of use control.

While our company is comparatively young, our staff have over 25 years experience in both the HVAC and electrical industry spanning all types of installations including boilers, chillers, Air handing units, VRF / VRV and split type air conditioner installation, main electrical installations and commissioning and maintenance.

We are committed to providing a very high quality of finish on all our work and we have a strong focus on an energy efficient outcome for the end user.